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Additional Insulation Materials


Phenotherm, Insulation MaterialsPhenotherm is the ultimate insulation system for the construction & Building Services Industry. Phenolic foam Is a versatile material with a wide field of utility.

Application areas :
Pipe and duct insulation, Under-deck and Over-deck (roof) insulation, suspended ceilings and Partitioning in Petrochemical, fertilizer chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants Refineries Insulation of Cold Storage and Refrigerted Rooms , High Altitude huts, Refrigerated Rails, Surface and Marine containers.

Product Density kg/m3 Thk (mm) Size Facing
Slab 35,40,50,60 30,35,40,50,60,75 1M x 1M;1M x1/2M;2’ x 2’; 4’ x 2’ 1M x 1/2M 1M x 1/2M Kraft Paper,Aluminium, Decorative Laminates,Decorative Paper Aluminium
Pipe Section 40 to 50 25,35,40,50,60,75 & 100 1/2” to14” NB

Polyurethane Foam (PUF)

PUF, Polyurethane Foam, PUF InsulationPuf is used extensively in applications of lower temperatures. We offer a wide range of PUf Insulation Slabs, Pipe Sections and Pipe Support with and without lamination.

The Insulation can also be done by machine, providing cavity of the required thickness and dispensing the PU Chemicals in defined proportion through dispensing machine where the isothermal reaction takes place and foam is formed. The job can be done at site and the process is called as Pouring In-Situ.

Application : Under – deck roof insulation, construction and insulation of pre-fabricated modular rooms for refrigerated Ware-housing, cold storage, Architectural paneling, pretition for offices, computer rooms , false- ceilings etc.

Technical Data :

Product Density Kg / m3 Thickness(mm) Facing
PUF Pipe Section 36 25-100 Al. Foil, Kraft Paper
PUF Slab 36 25-100 Al. Foil, Kraft Paper
PUF Pipe Support 70 to 500 25-100 -
Temperature Range: -200oC to +150oC


Thermocole, Insulation - Cold & HotThermocole/EPS is available in the form of “ND” & “TF” quality.

Application : Effective and efficient insulation for low temperature appliances i.e. cold storage, Industrial Refrigeration, Refrgerated vans, sound Insulation, Commercial & Household air Conditioning.

Product Density Kg / m3 Thickness(mm) Temp.Range
Slabs 14-24 12-200 -20oC to +80oC
Pipe Section 14-24 12-200 -20oC to +80oC

Extruded Polystyrene

Extruded Polystyrene Extruded Polystyrene is Rigid High Strength Polystyrene slabs used for Insulation of flat roofs, Floor, Structures, below ground, cavity walls , pitched roofs and Agricultural Buildings.

Product Density Kg / m3 Thickness(mm) Size
Roof Mate SL 32 20-100 600 x 1250
Styrofoam SL      
Styrofoam IB 28 20-100 600 x 1250
Styrofoam TG 30 20-100 600 x 1250
Styrofoam HD-300 45 20-100 600 x 1250

Ceramic Wool

Ceramic wool, InsulationThe Ceramic Blanket is made up of long cerachem fibers of alumina and silica constituents and zircon

Application : Crude Oil , Reformer & Pyrolysis heating linings, High temperature pipe ducts & turbine Insulation, Treatment Furnaces, Ovens & Stack linings.

Density Kg / m3 Blankets Boards
Size 64,96,128 & 160
610mm (W) x 7620mm (L)
6,13,19,25,38 & 50
280-640 500mm(W) x 1000mm (L)
Temp. Range : 1000oC to 1425oC

Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate, Insulation Dealers in MumbaiNon-asbestos Calcium Silicate insulation board and pipe covering products features with light weight low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance , chemical resistance etc.

Applications : Power Plants , Chemical Plants , Shipyards , Refineries , Paper Mills etc.

Thermal Conductivity 0.060 W /mK
Working Temperature 650oC (max)
Flexural Strength 0.35 MPa
Compressive Strength 0.60 MPa
Bulk Density 14 Ib./cu.ft. (220 kg / cu.m)

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