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Glass wool

Glass wool Insulation is one of the most widely used forms of insulatino world-wide because of its thermal and acoustic insulation properties, light weight, hogh tensile strength and exceptional resilience. Glass wool is the most dominant type of insulation used in applications with service temperatures between -50oC to +250oC, with a world-wide market size of approx. US $7 billion.

Glass wool consist of fine, long, inorganic fibers bonded together by high temperature binder. Ther fibers (each of approx. 6 - 7 microns diameter) are distributed in such a way as to trap millions of tiny pockets of air in the product, thereby creating its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. the product is light gold in colour and its superior tensile strength and resilience makes the product ideal for applications in which there will be vibration, jolting or high compression. The light weight and handleability of Glass wool also offers significant advantages during transport and installation. In addition, Glass wool is chemically inert and has no impurities such as iron shots, sulphur and chloride. The product is non corrosive to metal and does not support mold grow.

Resin Bonded Fibre Glass wool
Glass wool Insulation, Glass wool Products, Glass wool Suppliers The use of Glass wool for the thermal insulation of external walls and ceiling has been shown to reduce energy consumption by 20% to 30%. Glass wool is manufactured from widely available and renewable raw materials and provides environmental benefits in terms of resource saving and energy saving in every stage from pre-manufacturing to end use.

The Glass wool is formed into products with various thickness and densities.

Density Max. Service Temp Dimensions Facing
16,24,32,& 48 25,40,50,75 & 100 1.2 M x 20 M
1.2 M x 10 M
Unfaced, Al.Foil, Vinyl,Metalized Polyester, Kraft Paper, Glass Tissue
Glass wool Resin Bonded Slabs
Glass wool Slabs, Resin bonded glass wool Slabs
Density kg/m3 Thickness mm Size Facing
24,32,36,48,64,72,96,100,120 25,40,50,75 & 100 1 M x 1.2 M Unfaced, Al. Foil, Bitumen Kraft, Kraft Paper, Vinyl,Glass Tissue

Non standard size may be available as per requirement.
Temp.Range: KIMMCO Glass wool can be applied in the range of 0oC to 350oC

Applications :
Glass wool Products are used for floors, walls,Roofs, Air Conditioning an piping of any type of Private and commercial Buildings such as apartments, villas, offices,theatres,hospitals vehicles, Process and petrochemical industries,shopping malls etc.
Fibre Glass Tissue
Fibre Glass Tissue, FGT, Glass Tissue, Glass wool FGT Series fiberglass tissue is a non woven felt made of randomly oriented glass fiber distributed In a special binder by a wet-lay process.

Applications : Fiberglass tissue is available in a variety of densities. Serves as a wrap for both underground and overground pipeline systems to counter natural and artificial corrosion. Suitable for in-situ waterproofing in the form of roofing felt.

Benefits : Serves both a reinforcement and protect system. Compatible with bitumen, asphalt and coal tar enamels. Superior Strength characteristics due to longitudinal reinforcement with glass yarn.

Technical Data:
  FGT 41/10 FGT 45 / 10 FGT 50/10
Nominal Mass (+ 2 gms ) : 41 g/m2 45 g/m2 50 g/m2
Minimum Tensile Strength<      
Longitudinal   2277 N/m  
Transversal   700 N/m  
Reinforcement Pitch (approx ) 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
Standard Width:   1000mm,330 mm and 200 mm  
Roll Length:   300m, 500m and 1000m  
Black Glass Tissue
Black Glass Tissue, BGT, Glass Tissue, Glass wool Black Tissue is a black non-Woven felt made of randomly oriented glass fibers distributed in a special binder By a wet-lay process.

Applications : Facing materials for all types of insulation products.

Benefits : Minimizes fibre fall – out from insulation materials in various applications. Improves finish quality and look and ease handling of insulation material. Particularly suitable for internal building Applications where external surface of insulation is visible. Elasticity of tissue allows flexing of insulation Substrate to ease application of final product.

Technical Data :
Nominal Mass 60 g/m2 Standard width 1.2 mtrs.
Nominal Thickness Fire Rating 0.4 mm Class1 Standard Roll Length 300 mtrs.& above

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