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Rockinsul Rockwool is the product of the most recent innovations in insulation material technology. The world's most proven and widely used insulation, Rockwool is now being manufactured in India by Rockwool India Ltd, using sophisticated technology and expertise of our foreign collaborators KIMMCO itself a glasswool licensee of ISOVER Saint Gobain France.

Rockinsul Rockwool is manufactured from vaious types of dibase rock, mainly basalt of specific predetermined chemical compositions which is melted at superhigh temperature in a technically advanced byt simple process. Teh resulting natural silicate is drumspun at very high speeds to produce 'hair-fine' inert fibres that are bonded together with a special thermosetting resin, and impregnated with special additives.

Lightly Resin Bonded Rockwool
LRB rockwool Mattress
Density Max.Service Temp Dimensions Application Facing
100Kg/m3 TO 150Kg/m3 750oC 1.22 mtr x 1.52 mtr
25 mm-100 mm (Thk)
E.S.P, Boilers, Vessels, Tankers, Heat Exchangers, Steam Pipe Lines Wire netting
Standards : IS 8183,BS- 3958 Part 3
Resin Bonded Rockwool Slab
Rockwool Slabs, Rockwool Materials, Rockwool Suppliers
Density Max.Service Temp Dimensions Application Facing
48 Kg/m3
200 Kg/m3
750oC 0.6 M (W) x 1 M (L) 25mm-100mm (Thk) Ovens,HVAC Ducts False Ceilings Under & Over Deck, wall Insulation Partition,Roofing, Solar,Accoustic, etc. Aluminium Foil Kraft Paper, Black Tissue,unfaced
Rockwool Performed Rigid Pipe Section
Rockwool Pipe Section, Hot Insulation Material
Density Max. Service Temp Dimensions Application Facing
144Kg/m3 750oC 1.25 M (L) (Thk-mm) 25, 40, 50,65,75,100 Steam & Process Piping, Air Conditioning System, Round Ducts upto 14” Unfaced, Alu. Foil,Kraft Paper

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